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July Monthly Perspective: One Step at a Time

Date posted: Wednesday, 1st July 2009

The perception to some businesses is that incorporating the environment into business in the current climate is an unnecessary overhead. Let’s look at it slightly differently. When things are tough and tight surely a business needs to be more efficient and stand out in the crowd. It costs very little to be more efficient if you know what to do and do it.

Having a clear environmental agenda means that you can stand out from the crowd. Most of you will have heard of M&S’s Sustainability Plan A. According to M&S’s recent report they were prepared to invest £200m over five years in Plan A but cost savings on climate change and waste initiatives have already meant that it will make money not cost money. This reflects what I see working with businesses and organisations of all types – incorporating the environment doesn’t cost money, it saves it.

Tip: have a think about what you want to do as a business in the current climate. Do you want to make a bold statement like M&S and stand out – the environment is a great way to do it – or take it small steps at a time with the aim of incorporating it into your business and marketing strategy over time. Both are very valid approaches and bring efficiency to your business.

Posted by: Marian K, July 2009

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive”.
Albert Einstein.
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