Middleton Grange, Hartlepool

Achieving significant carbon and financial savings, as well as instigating recycling and an environmental wall and schools competition, Middleton Grange sees many benefits in reducing its environmental footprint.

  • Saving in 25% electricity and carbon
  • £4000 saved a month in energy costs
  • 137 tonnes cardboard recycled

Middleton Grange Shopping Centre in Hartlepool achieved EcoPerspective's Green Environmental Standard in January 2009 and is well on the way to achieving the Gold Environmental Standard.

'The Environmental Standards assisted me greatly in reducing our effect on the Environment. They provide a concise line by line approach which assisted me in the delegation and management of the individual requirements. Without the Standard and EcoPerspective’s support and encouragement, we wouldn’t have achieved the Standard in the time that we did. EcoPerspective is always available for advice and guidance and more recently has assisted me in our application for two industry wide, national awards in environmental management.'

Mark Rycraft, Centre Manager

Middleton Grange, Hartlepool

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive”.
Albert Einstein.
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